General description

Sail7 is a tool designed for the analysis of sail boat performance.
It is based on the VLM and panel methods developed for the program XFLR5.
The current version is released in alpha phase for testing and feedback.
Further development will depend on user interest.

For information, this program has been initially developed as version 7 of XFLR5, hence the name.

flow5 v7.01, which is the next version of both xflr5 and sail7, has been released in beta status on December 1st, 2019.


On November 4th, 2012, Sail7 has become an open source development project hosted by sourceforge.
Release Notes


Documentation is unavailable at this stage of the development. Please follow the steps detailed in the session example file to get started with Sail7.


flow5: The next version of both xflr5 and sail7. : sail7 project page hosted by : XFLR5 design and analysis tool for model aircraft


  1. Sail7 is released free, without any guarantee of any kind. Design of all products with the use of the code will be at the user's entire risk.
  2. Sail7 is by no means a professional product, and does not offer the same guarantees of robustness, reliability, precision or product support than c ommercial softwares.

Updated December 2nd, 2019